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Cardiologist / Kardioloog

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Welcome to Gateway Heart

Gateway heart is an independent interventional cardiac practice at Busamed Gateway Private Hospital, specialising in complex coronary work, cardiac pacing,  radial approach for percutaneous intervention and cardiac critical care.

We function as a centre of excellence in the treatment of heart failure, hypertension , dislipidaemia , cardiac arrhythmias and diabetes mellitus.

Our work ethic, standard of care and treatment protocols are reviewed at regular intervals to adhere to International  (European Society of Cardiology) guidelines.

Clinical practice and theatre work are peer-reviewed and moderated to comply with the highest international standards. It is our mission to always provide you with the best possible personal care, whether it be medical or administrative in nature.

Your physical health, quality-of-life and safety will always be our primary concern.

All treatment strategies, as well as recommendations regarding specialised investigations, theatre-procedures and chronic-medication will be aimed at extending and preserving quality of life.

Dirk Pretorius

Our practice works in close partnership with :

Cardio Thoracic
Surgical Team

Gateway heart is supported by one of the leading Cardio Thoracic teams in the country.
Experience spanning decades has culminated in a unit that does the most sophisticated work  - extending from coronary artery bypass surgery, valve replacements, thoracic vascular and oncological surgery to a well respected heart-lung-transplant unit. 

Dietician Services

Diet forms an integral part of managing the patient’s cardiac risk profile. Subsets of patients specifically targeted are patients with diabetes mellitus, high cholesterol, obesity and renal failure.

All newly diagnosed diabetics as well as patients who had a coronary artery bypass or angioplasty & stent procedure will be seen by our dietitian prior to their discharge.


Physiotherapy-led cardiac rehabilitation programs are clinically effective in reducing mortality, improving health and quality of life.
Therapy is started as soon as possible in the Intensive Care Unit post surgery and will reduce post operative infections, length of hospital stay and the number of hospital re-admissions.


Hospitalisation of a loved one has an intense physical and emotional effect on the day to day life of their friends, family and relatives.
Psychotherapy (counselling) is a physiological intervention available for both patient and relatives that will improve the emotional well being and coping of a patient and their loved ones while being admitted and after discharge.